Tonight I would like to take a moment to honor a hero. I’m not talking about a movie star, or a baseball player or a rock singer. I am referring to a man who performed a job that is thankless, unsung, and dangerous. This fallen hero was a Dallas Police Officer. On Friday, March 23rd, Senior Corporal Mark Nix was attempting to arrest what officers thought was a murder suspect, who had led them on a chase across town. When Officer Nix attempted to break open the window of the suspects car, Wesley Ruiz opened fire, hitting the officer in the neck. Other police officers returned fire, wounding the suspect. Fellow officers took Nix to Parkland Memorial Hospital, but sadly it was too late.

Officer Nix was engaged to be married. He served as a Navy Corpsman in Iraq prior to joining the Dallas Police Department

Ruiz, the suspected killer had a record of drug arrests, and is a known gang member. Ruiz was released from the hospital today and has been charged with Capital Murder, four counts of aggravated assault on police officers and drug possession. More than likely he will face the death penalty.

Dallas Police Senior Corporal Mark Nix
1973 – 2007.
Rest in peace.