As you may recall we planted some trees in the front yard a few weeks ago. Over the last few days, I have noticed that a couple of them had been broken off halfway down. The first one we shrugged off. Then the next one was done the other day, and I looked and could see that it had been broken intentionally, because you could see that there was a spot torn on the broken piece.

Yesterday we were heading to go pick up Sandy from school at around 6PM. (She stays late several days to get extra help with her homework) and Sue spotted 2 little boys about 7 or 8 years old, looking very intently at the Golden Raintrees in the front median strip. When we came home they had yanked them out of the ground and left them there. One was missing the roots, and is likely not going to make it although I suck it back in the ground… The other one has roots on it, so we are going to try to re-plant it in the back yard.

It just galls us that we cannot plant trees in our own front yard because parents do not supervise their kids. We obviously can’t prove it was these two delinquents in training, but it is a pretty good circumstantial case.

It makes Sue and I about ready to put up an electrified fence in the front so we can have plants that we want to have go unmolested. If I see these little brats so much as step one foot in our yard, Sue and I will find out where they live and go have a few words with their parents. Not that that will do any good. I have a feeling that considering these two brats run around all day without any parents in sight, that the parents are likely to be the types that will say “Oh no, my kid wouldn’t do that! These kids by the way are not brothers. This much we know for a fact. So we have two sets of parents we would need to confront.

I have half a mind to put in some cacti in the front. Let the little bastards grab hold of that!