The other day I told you the story of Shaquanda Cotton, a 14 year old black teenager, who shoved a hall monitor at Paris High School in a dispute over entering the building before the school day had officially begun.

The judge in this case had sentence Shaquanda to 7 years in the Texas Youth Commission for this heinous crime. ( I remind you that the 58 year old White Teacher was not seriously [if at all] injured. ( This young black girl got this ridiculous sentence, while a white 14 year old girl who burned down the family home got off with probation.

Shaquanda after much public outrage over this vastly harsh sentence, was released today nearly a year after her ordeal began.

Frankly, we fully expect Shaquanda’s mother to sue. I hope she wins, perhaps it is time that the city of Paris, Texas wakes up and joins the 21st Century. Giving someone a harsher sentence or a lighter one because of their race is not something that should be tolerated in this country, today.