Several days ago I told you all about the little bastards down the street that decided to wreck our newly planted trees. Believe it or not, most of them are recovering.

One that they missed was a Crape-myrtle bush. That one is still growing pretty well. Today I noticed that one of the ones that got broken off the other day is beginning to bud again. Which is cool as it had leaves beginning to grow on it till they broke it off.

Another one in the middle of the yard, the first one they broke, is now also showing signs of leaves forming. Our Crabapple tree in the back yard, ( which they couldn’t get to fortunately…) is doing really well. It has doubled in height.

We replanted the one Golden Raintree from the front Median strip. ( we had two there, one was pulled out and broken off, the roots may still be in the ground, the other one was pulled out, roots and all. That’s the one we replanted in the back yard today. We have hopes that it will survive… We will keep you informed.