Well, Tuesday we were supposed to find out who Anna Nicole’s Babydaddy is. There was another court hearing on Tuesday, purportedly to reveal the DNA results, but all they came up with was that they would reveal the DNA results next… You guessed it. Tuesday!

This story has grown some major legs. I mean first they argue for a month over where to bury the poor dead broad. The Babydaddy debacle has gone way over the top. You have Larry Butthead, the photographer, you have Howard K. Schmuck, then if that isn;t enough theres Zsa Zsa Gabor’s hubby Prince Ahole all claiming the money I mean the kid is theirs.

I will laugh my ass off when the father turns out to be some homeless guy she was boffing. I want to to see the look on these morons faces when it turns out not to be any of them!I would probably pay to see that!