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New releases this week
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film…
Adaptation of the Adult Swim show that explores the origins of the Force could be subtitled “For Fans Only.”
Boy Culture
A reclusive, older client causes a gay hustler to look at the lives of those around him in this slick drama.
Perfect Stranger
A journalist investigates the death of a friend in this undeniably stylish but rarely suspenseful thriller.
Primitive and bloody tale follows a Viking raised by American Indians who must battle his homeland.
After the Wedding
Melodrama conveys its scenario with enough intensity and forceful acting to overpower audiences.
It’s no Rear Window, but this thriller is far smarter than most big studio flicks with teen protagonists.
Slow Burn
A District Attorney gets involved in a showdown with a gang leader. This film was not screened in advance for critics.
If you like exotic cars and not much else, this one’s probably for you. This film was not screened in advance for critics.
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