Today is a dark day for one of the country’s most well know institutes of higher education, Virginia Tech. In what is now being called the worst incident of mass murder in United States History, 33 People are dead.The dead include at least one of the gunmen who perpetrated this tragic event. Police are looking for a “person of interest” Apparently around 7:15 this morning, a man, who may or may not have been a student entered a dormitory and killed two people.

About two hours later, on a part of the Campus that is a half mile away from the site of the first killings, more shots rang out. When it was over, a total of 33 people were dead including one of the purported gunmen. On the news tonight, I heard that the dead man may have been a Chinese National, official are still uncertain of his status and why he was at the university.

Many students are angered because the only warnings that went out were sent via e-mail. Officials did not make use of the campus Public Address system.

While I realize that they may have been trying to avert panic, and in fact the first shootings were initially thought to be a domestic dispute, I have to wonder if they could have advised students to stay in their dorm rooms, and not move about needlessly.

Many questions go unanswered tonight. One thing is certain though, the victims, their families, and the families of the gunmen need our prayers. I feel for the family or families of the man or men involved in this horrific shooting. They will be asking themselves questions just as police, and families of the victims will be asking. Why did this happen?

In the days and weeks ahead, we will no doubt learn a bit more of how these events unfolded. The question of why may never be known.