I just read on The Smoking Gun.com, about an Oregon first grade teacher, who stole a jacket from one of her students. She then attempted to sell it on E-bay!

I realize that teachers get really crappy money, but to steal from a kid?

The coat belonging to an eight year old girl went missing. The girl’s mother went up on E-bay to see if she could find a similar coat, and found one that looked identical to the one her daughter was missing. She noticed that the seller came from the same town in Oregon, and got suspicious. The coat went up for sale on E-bay the day after it went missing.

After a little detective work, the mother figured out what had happened. The Teacher, Elizabeth Logan, 41 faces felony charges. The real kicker is that she was asking $25.00 for the coat, the final bid was $46.00

Here is a link to the original article on The Smoking Gun.com. Look how smug this woman is. It seems like she doesn’t give a crap that she has trashed her career for $25.00.


People just make me wonder these days.