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Spider-Man 3
The darker story line features three baddies in this fun ride with touches of humanity.
Lucky You
Poker player Eric Bana blandly tries to persuade Drew Barrymore he’s more than just a compulsive gambler.
Absurdist story follows a group of Iranian teen girls who get busted sneaking into a males-only soccer stadium.
Civic Duty
A man’s obsession with his new Middle Eastern neighbor escalates to an explosive conclusion.
The Page Turner
A girl plots revenge for her failed music school audition in this suspenseful, sinister tale of destruction.
The Valet
Billionaire tries to persuade his wife that his mistress is seeing the parking attendant in this French sex farce.
A mom takes a job for a thuggish local kingpin after the Bosnian war in this pained, clear-eyed drama.
Snoop Dogg’s Hood Of Horror
The deserving get their just deserts in this trilogy of played-out neighborhood horror tales.
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