Here is the Friday Movie Guide – Quite a few movies this week, though I doubt anything will beat Spiderman 3!
New releases this week
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28 Weeks Later
28 Days Later sequel offers another helping of English apocalypse with a dose of current events allegory.
The Ex
A workable idea, but except for a few funny moments, this is material more fitting for a so-so TV sitcom.
Georgia Rule
Lower your expectations and your jaw, and you might find this the most watchable fiasco of the summer.
Delta Farce
Three Army reserves are accidentally dropped off in Mexico on the way to Iraq in this comedy. This film was not screened in advance for critics.
An unsavory task awaits a Fiat plant foreman from Milan who takes his family to Sicily in this dark 1962 comedy.
Away From Her
Truly, deeply effective tale follows a woman’s slow descent into Alzheimer’s and her husband’s response.
Aussie buddies decide to keep on fishing after they find a dead Aborigine woman in this thoughtful drama.
The Hip Hop Project
Uplifting doc follows a guy who overcame his own sad childhood to help other troubled kids make better music.
Keri Russell’s strong performance saves an otherwise too-cute sitcom about an unhappily married pie-slinger.
Home of the Brave
Americans returning home from Iraq deserve a deeper, more substantive portrait than this drama.
The Salon
This comedy rarely inspires even chuckles, much less the belly laughs generated by the Barbershop movies.
Blind Dating
Comedy mixes cringe-worthy blind jokes, the sexual immaturity of American Pie and overeager actors.
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