By now you have likely heard that an Apartment ban requiring Apartment managers to obtain proof that those renting or renewing leases are in the country legally was overwhelmingly passed by the voters.

This law was the brainchild of city councilman Tim O’Hare who last fall had proposed a law with a bit more teeth. Along with the Apartment Ban was a law making English the official language, and requiring the FB Police Department enroll in an ICE training program.

The ban initially went into effect, and immediately the opposition went into action. They went to court and got an injunction. Ordinance 2903 would require apartment management to obtain proof of citizenship or legal immigration status before entering into or renewing leases or rental agreements.
The only exception to the ban would be that mixed-status families could stay if they were already living in the apartment, the spouse or head of household is a citizen or here legally, and the household includes the head of household and spouse and their minor children or parents.

Several groups got into the act complaining about the ban including the ACLU, LULAC, ( League of United Latin American Citizens) and others calling the law racist. Is it racist to ask people to follow the law? I don’t think so.

I fully understand why people want to leave their home countries to come here. I understand that it is not always easy to wade through the red tape to come here legally, but the law is the law. To put it another way and I hate to use his tired cliché but “What part of Illegal don’t they understand?”

It gets put to an election, the people of Farmers Branch overwhelmingly approved the measure 68% to 32%, and that is not good enough for them. The name of the organization that opposed the ordinance was “Let the Voters Decide” So the voters decided, and that apparently isn’t good enough. I guess it was “Let the Voters Decide” as long as they decide our way!

The opposition now plans to clog the courts with more injunction requests, and appeals. Why? All that is going to happen is to delay the inevitable. A judge is eventually going to say “Hey, it’s over. The electorate had it’s say and decided that they want the ban. Go the hell away!”

Well, it is time for these people to give it up, and understand that the people of Farmers Branch have had it with illegal immigrants. If you are here illegally, and I don’t care what country you are from, be it Mexico, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, whatever. If you’re not here legally then you are breaking the law!

If you are breaking the law, then you are illegal no matter what country you are from. That’s not racist.