That’s right, I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth! We have been busy with a lot of different things. Not much of an excuse, but it is the truth! At any rate, here is the blog for today. Actually sort of a rant.

Sue and I were talking the other day about the continuing issue of the illegal immigrants, and Farmers Branch. It occurred to me that one of the problems that people have with illegal immigration is that the people who come here illegally tend to act as though they were still in the country they illegally immigrated from! They refuse to learn our language, they demand -not ask for but demand services, have babies that automatically become American citizens, and then wonder why Americans are up in arms!

I have a solution, (of sorts -) When they come here, across the border illegally, they need to immediately assimilate into American culture. Learn the language, learn the customs, not demand anything, just act as if they had been here forever ( like the rest of us that wrested the country away from the original inhabitants) and generally not act like an illegal immigrant. In other words, they need to stop drawing attention to themselves!

I think that if they stopped acting like Mexicans, Guatemalan, El Salvadorans, Costa Ricans, Irish, whatever, and acted like Americans, no one would notice them as much as they do when they speak only Spanish, and act as if they are still in the country they claim was so bad they had no choice but to leave and come here illegally! Something to think about!