By now I guess most of us have heard about the guy with a hard to treat form of Tuberculosis, who left against medical advice, and flew all over Europe, possibly exposing hundreds of people to a communicable disease.

He now claims that no one told him he shouldn’t leave, which I don’t believe. Even if that were true, this guy is a practicing attorney, whom one would assume should have the common sense not to go traipsing in and out of the country, traveling in several airplanes exposing people to this disease, so he could get married.

Personally I think this moron should be jailed, and charged with reckless endangerment. According to the media, his new father in law is a an expert with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) who had given him “fatherly advice” not to leave. I guess he is calling his new wife’s father a liar too!

If I were one of the people exposed to T.B by this jerks total lack of common sense and possibly criminal negligence, I would sue his ass off. That’s my opinion anyway.