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New releases this week
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Ocean’s Thirteen
Slick, amusing, but vapid and tired threequel shows a great deal of craft invested in an unworthy project.
Surf’s Up
Framed as a documentary, this film of surfing penguins has some winning things to say about winning.
Hostel: Part II
Sequel to the super-violent Hostel is more gruesome and fetish-filled, but tells virtually the same story.
Paris, Je T’Aime
Paris couldn’t have asked for a more sweetly jaundiced love letter than this collection of tales by 21 directors.
Day Watch
Part two of this trilogy is a highly-caffeinated assault on our senses that ups the ante on action and effects.
After a freak fire, a farmer returns to bootlegging in this lovingly handmade but frustratingly disjunctive tale.
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