We saw a comedy team perform a few years ago at Trinity Mennonite Church, a church in Glendale, AZ. They were called Ted & Lee. They did selections from their repertoire called “The Creation Chronicles” It was a very funny rendition of God and Gabriel talking about how God created the world. Ted Swartzman played God, and Lee Eshelman played Gabriel. One part had God sitting at what looked like a large Etch-o-sketch, twisting dials and explaining to Gabriel what he was doing.

I”m adding some water… a little more water… a little more water… WHOA, Too much water! “
At any rate they were a very funny comedy team, who had a wonderful way to spread the Gospel, through laughter. Sue, Sandy & I were fortunate enough to meets these two gentlemen after the performance. They were very friendly, and approachable.

I had been in touch with their booking people, to try to bring them to our church here in Texas, but alas, we were not able to work out the details.

On May 17, 2007, after a long battle with depression, Lee Eshelman took his own life. He left behind his wife and 3 children, and his partner of more than two decades, Ted Swartz.

We mourn and pray for his loss with his family and his Friends, and fans.
If you would like to know more about Ted & Lee here is their website: