I am trying out this new blog host. I’ve checked it out and it seems to have some interesting features that Blogger didn’t have. I am willing to try it out for a while. I will make the attempt to get here more often to blog and keep you up to date as to what’s happening.  Here is the new addres: https://psybok.wordpress.com 

 Sue has also moved to the new blog, She says she is going to blog here for a while as well. Sue’s address for her new blog will be: http://suenicorn.wordpress.com

 Now for the news. We picked up Tara and Elisa last night at Love Field. We almost didn’t recognize Elisa, as she has her hair dyed black. I will let Sue blog more about that. We’re glad we wer able to get them out this year. Sandy and Elisa have pallled up, just like last year, but we sort of expected that. At any rate, it should prove to be an interesting summer.

Well, that’s about all I have to say right at the moment. More news when it becomes less available!