To all the fathers out there in cyberspace, Happy Father’s Day. Being a father myself, I have learned the old saying is true. Any male can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a Dad. I make my best attempt to be a dad. I have frineds who grew up with fathers. I was fortunate enough to grow up with a dad.

I remember my dad building several additions to our house, and me “helping” him. He probably thinks I didn’t pay attention, but I did. I am not the best craftsman, but I do remember many of the things he showed me how to do. In retrospect, I wish I had paid more attention. 

I may not have learned all he tried to teach me about building and fixing things, but I did pay attention to the lessons he taught me about being a dad. I learned to be patient, ( still working on that one, Dad) to try to listen to my kids, and how to be there for them. I learned to try to be a good example of what I wanted them to be. I learned how to have fun with my kids, and how to sometimes, just goofing around can be as fun as being serious.

I’ll bet he didn’t even know he was teaching me those lessons. Thanks, Dad and Happy Father’s Day!