Hello. In an attempt to actually blog within a day or so of my last one, I thought I would drop a quick line or two here.

I am working at home again, this time writing for people who have various forums. They pay people like me to pad their forums to make it look like there are a lot of people joining their forums and posting. I don’t get a lot per post, but the more I do, the more I make. What the heck it gives me a little bit extra each week.

I also put in an application to write a blog on movies. If the guy hires me he would reimburse me to go see movies, and then pay me to write a review of the movie, or even a DVD. I am hoping I will get that because it pays more than the forum job, but we will see. I will keep you informed.

Well, It’s now 12:45am, so I guess it’s time to place myself in a horizontal position, to quote an old boss of mine. He was a nice guy that I worked for at a motel in Portsmouth, Virginia about 28 years or so ago. His name if I can spell it right, was Jan TenBraak. A dutch immigrant who came to the US after WWII. He and his wife owned the motel, and he lived there at the motel. I think they were separated. I worked the overnight shift on the weekends, and when he came in around midnight, he would check to see how I was doing, and then he would say, “Well, I am going to go place myself in a horizontal position. Goodnight.” A hell of a nice man as I recall.

Well, that’s it for my trip down memory lane. Seeya!