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New releases this week

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Live Free or Die Hard (Opened Wednesday)

This fourth installment is a sort of generally welcome surprise as John McLane tracks a cyber terrorist.


This winning tale of a rat who dreams of working with food offers equal parts life lessons and slapstick humor.


A dying woman tells her two daughters of the one who got away 50 years earlier in this highbrow chick flick.


Michael Moore’s latest creates fine drama while ignoring any arguments that might get in the way of his thesis.

Transformers (Opens Tuesday)

Director Michael Bay guides the Autobots and the Decepticons into battle on the big screen. Look for a review Tuesday, July 3, on

License to Wed (Opens Tuesday)

Robin Williams stars as a counselor who puts a young engaged couple to a tough pre-wedding test. Look for a review Tuesday, July 3, on

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