As it turned out, the guy who hired me to write movie and entertainment articles changed his mind, and oh so apologetically informed me that he had decided to bring back some people who had worked for  him previously, and would I mind terribly hiolding off, and perhaps he might bring me back at a later time.

 What could I say. Actually I have no doubt I could think of several things to say, but being a professional, I said sure, I would love to come back at some point in the future.

I do not plan on holding my breath!

On the other side,  I am still writing for the lady who hired me to go up and post on different forums. in fact she gave me a raise, and more responsibility. So at least I am still working. It still isn’t a lot of money, but it will definitely help.

 It is my hope that anyone who reads this blog is having a nice 4th of July, and celebrating safely.