In an article in today’s Dallas Morning News, Iraq’s foreign Minister claimed that his country could splinter into warring fragments and the conflict could spread across it’s borders if the United States pulls it’s troops out before Iraqi forces are ready to handle security. Also according to Hoshyar Zebari the United Sates “has a duty to prevent such a scenario.”

First of all, has Mr. Zebari looked outside lately? If what is going on in Iraq on a daily basis is not Civil War than we need to come up with a new definition.

Secondly, how much more time do we need to give Iraqi forces to get their act together, and start taking care of their own country?  Last January Shrub said that he was giving Iraq a short amount of time to step up to the plate and start carrying the load. This was his way to convince the American people to back his “Surge” plan. ( which by the way has only served to place more of our young men and women in harms way)

Iraq has been in a Civil War (don’t you just love that term? It brings to mind someone walking up to someone else with an automatic weapon and saying, “Excuse me” before pumping a clip into him!) for well over a year. Shrub throwing more American lives at this is equivalent to placing a Band-aid on a gushing arterial wound.

Additionally, why is it our duty, as Mr. Zebari puts it to stay in Iraq? Because we started this mess by taking Saddam out of power? I disagree. I think it was wrong for us to invade Iraq to achieve this end. A CIA Black ops mission could have achieved the same goal. We are closing in on 4000 American lives that have been thrown away for a lost cause. I honor those men and women, but I mourn the fact that they did not need to die.

It is time for the United States to cut our losses, not cut and run as the Republicans like to say. We need to begin to withdraw our troops by the end of this year. Unfortunately I have no doubt that Shrub will hang on to the bitter end, and not bring one soldier home while he sits in the White House.