Talk about being caught with your pants down! To their utter embarrassment, the Drug Enforcement Administration in Dallas is a little red faced these days. It seems that a marijuana patch was discovered literally in their back yard!

A helicopter pilot doing surveillance in an unrelated drug case spotted oddly colored plants growing among trees and brush in a heavily wooded lot near the Trinity River. 

This lot is a few hundred yards behind the regional DEA and FBI headquarters on Stemmons Freeway in Dallas, Texas.

A tent and sleeping bags were found neat a generator and irrigation pipes feeding 325 plants, some which were 12 feet tall.  Agents estimated the find to be worth a street value of approximately $286,000.

Personally, I find this hilarious. That the DEA and FBI were this close to a quarter of a million dollar pot patch is beyond funny! Now in their defense, the plants were not visible from the building.