Now I can understand that a toddler repeating a phrase over and over again can get annoying but I saw this story yesterday and about lost it.

It seems that Kate Penland of suburban Atlanta and her son Garren who is 19 months old, were fling from Atlanta to Oklahoma aboard Continental Express flight that was scheduled to make a stop

in Houston.  Apparently Garren upon seeing another airplane as they were taking off,  began to announced “Bye bye, plane!” again and again.

The Flight Attendant objected to this, and after she finished the safety lecture, cam over to Penland and said, “It’s not funny anymore. You need to shut your baby up,” According to Penland the Flight Attendant was insisting that Penland give her child a drug referred to as “Baby Benydryl” Penland retorted that she was not going to drug her child so the flight attendant could have a comfortable flight.

Penland said other passengers began speaking up on her behalf, and the flight attendant announced they were turning around and that Penland and Garren were going to be taken off the plane.

Penland and her son were let off the plane and did not complete the trip to Oklahoma, said Kristy Nicholas, spokeswoman for Express Jet Airlines, which flies as Continental Express on behalf of Continental Airlines.

“I was crying, I was upset and I was thinking, ‘What am I going to do? I don’t have anything with me, I don’t have any more diapers for the baby, no juice, no milk,” Penland told a television station. 

Nicholas said, “We received Ms. Penland’s letter expressing her concerns and intend to investigate its contents.”

It seems incredible to me that the flight attendant has the power to get the pilot to turn the plane around and put a mother and child off the plane. Like I said, a toddler can be annoying, but I think the airline should have been a little more sensitive. File this under stupidity.