For those who are not aware, our 12 year old daughter was recently allegedly molested by a neighbor. We later that day found out that this neighbor and supposed Friend was a registered sex offender. We had checked the list when we bought this house in May of last year. The alleged pervert did not register until December of last year. We had no idea. After gathering enough evidence, the local police arrested the alleged pervert on Tuesday. On Wednesday we came home and had a phone call from a reporter from the Dallas Morning News. She wanted to talk to us about the story. Our first inclination was to say no comment.

My wife and I decided to lie down for a while, and while we were lying down the reporter showed up at the door, and left card. The fact that she showed up without our invitation, made us angry, so we wrote an email telling her in no way shape or form, we would not talk to her, and that if she used our names or addresses we would take legal action.

The story shows up in the paper this morning, slanting us as irresponsible parents for not knowing he was registered.  This is what happens when you don’t talk to a reporter, they make you look stupid.

The fact is that we were somewhat friends with this guy, and he did not tell us that he was on the sex offender list.

A TV Reporter showed up on the street, getting information about the story, and after talking about it for a few minutes, we decided to invite them into the house and give our side of the story. The reporter informed us that the guy in question, our supposed friend had told some people down the street of his sex offender status. We have a 16 year old daughter in addition to the 12 year old who was molested. We wonder if this guy was targeting her.  One never knows.

 All I can say is snub reporters at your own risk.