ross-l-moore.jpgross-l-moore.jpgross-l-moore.jpgFor anyone who is curious, here is a picture of the “alleged” pervert. One thing that is not alleged is the fact that he is a registered sex offender. You can read about his status here:

I thought I would update the latest on what is going on here. I told you how the newspaper reporter made us look like irresponsible parents. As it turned out, the day the story ran in the paper, a TV reporter showed up doing a story about the fact that a registered sex offender was living in the neighborhood. Sue and I talked about it and decided this was our chance to set the record straight.

So I went out and talked to the photographer. I asked him if they woross-l-moore.jpgross-l-moore.jpguld like to speak to the family that was victimized. Naturally, they were happy to.

They came into the house, and did not show our faces, and let us set the record straight, and let everyone know that we did check out the sex offender database, and tht Ross Lee Moore was not on it at the time. We had become friends with this creep, and that he only registered in December of last year because he was arrested on an assault charge.  He claimed he didn’t know he was supposed to register in Texas. Bullshit.

The reporter, Tiani Jones, from Channel 11 in Dallas was very compassionate, and respected our feelings. In the course of the interview, she told us that Moore had told a friend down the street of his sex offender status. He didn’t tell us, and we wonder if that was because he was setting up our 16 year old daughter, Sandy.