Sue and I are about to re-enter the world of online education once again. We have gotten the ball rolling on going back to school for our degrees in Animation.

In March of this year, we had attempted to get started with Kaplan University, an online University. You may recall from an earlier blog entry the trouble we ran into from a couple of overzealous admissions reps.  At that point we had pretty much decided that attending Kaplan was not going to be in our future.

A few days later we had gotten a call from the head of the admissions department, who asked to hear our side of the story. I told him what the two reps had done. ( A brief re-cap: They wanted to get all of the items on the admissions checklist done in one night, regardless of the fact that we were both in a lot of pain, and needed to take a break They were relentless, and downright adamant about it all getting done right then and there.  The clincher had been a scathing email I got stating that we must not be very serious about advancing our educations.)

Needless to say, this gentleman was less than pleased with his subordinates. He told us they would be dealt with, and asked us if we still wanted to come to Kaplan.  After consideration, we decided that we would, but needed a bit of time to retreat and lick our wounds so to speak.

We had decided to wait until Tara and Elisa went back home to Missouri, and then contacted them and got things started again. So we filled out all the paper work, and are apparently on schedule to start classes on August 22.

We will keep you informed as to our progress. Maybe after I learn enough, I might be able to place a little animated do-dad here!