Yes that’s right. A school in Colorado has banned the playing of Tag, because apparently some children felt  “harassed, and chased against their will”.

Yes that aggressive game of chasing someone and tagging them and yelling “YOU’RE IT!” is no longer allowed. My God, how can we have allowed this vicious game go on for so many decades? How dare kids chase other kids, and get this – play together! Why those hooligans. Where will it end? What if they – OhmyGod! Had some, gulp, fun? We can’t allow that!

In case you think I am making this up, here is the link the story came from:

In this story, an elementary school in Colorado Springs has actually banned playing tag because of the fact that some children claimed they felt harassed and were being chased against their wills. (Raise your hands if think these words were put into their mouths!)

The school has said that running games are allowed as long as children don’t chase each other.

What the &*%@?!?>!?!?!?!?!?

Can you explain how to play tag without chasing somebody? It just amazes me how I managed to live to be 48 years old, considering that I played tag, I rode my bike without wearing a helmet, or elbow and knee pads,  I could go run around in the summer without my parents knowing exactly where I was as long as I was home for dinner. I didn’t have to have my life micromanaged down to the last iota.

The way we are treating our kids as if they are made of glass is going to cause us to raise a nation of people who cannot make a decision for themselves, who are afraid to explore their universe, who may not even venture out of their homes. Come on people stop keeping your kids tied to the umbilical. Let them have some fun.

Anyone want a game of tag?