If you want to know the definition of the word idiot, take a look at the picture in my earlier blog entry  “Updating the story” There you see a picture of Ross Moore, the “alleged ” pervert that “allegedly” stuck his “alleged” hand down our youngest daughter’s pants. ( I am using the word “alleged” here to avoid being sued for definition sorry that’s defamation of character. )  Actually his character is what is alleged in my book!

But I digress.

Why do I refer you to Moore’s picture to define the word “idiot”? This morning, Moore had a hearing in Denton County Criminal Court, on revocation of probation. It seems he had committed an assault committing bodily harm last year and was on probation for that misdemeanor offense. When he was arrested for Sexual Assault on a minor the court filed a motion to revoke that probation. A warrant was issued for his arrest. We were told that Denton County was going to wait until he showed up for the court hearing today to arrest him.

We have been in touch with the mother of Moore’s young son, who has told us many interesting things about this paragon of human virtue. She has first hand knowledge of his supposed character. She told us that he was likely to show up, because he didn’t think he had done anything wrong.

This morning when we left, the car was missing from Moore’s driveway. We feared the worst, that he had skipped.

We sat in the court for the 8:30 hearings, and waited to see if he would show up.

Big surprise. He didn’t.

We went upstairs to the Prosecutors office, and spoke to a victims advocate. She informed us that his not showing up was going to land him in even hotter water. She told us they had been waiting on the hearing today, and now will move ahead on the Sexual Assault charges. He can get 2 to 10 years. And since he didn’t show up today, when they arrest him, he will not be able to bond out. He will sit in jail till he is tried on the new charges.  Also the fact that he didn’t show up for today’s hearing, and the fact that he has a prior history in California of Sexual Assault, the sentence might be closer to the 10 years.

If they could arrest him.

On the advice of the Victim’s Advocate, I contacted the Denton County Warrant Division.  They went out and arrested him on the warrant they already had.  What amazes me is that he was just sitting in his house after not showing up for court! What an idiot.

However, as of 6:15 pm he bonded out. So much for the assurances that he would sit in jail. Why is it that this sleaze bucket can do what he did, and then get out of jail on bond every time. If I spit on the sidewalk I would rot in jail until I was 90. It just goes to show, there is no justice in this country.

We found out that it will take several days to do the paperwork for a warrant to be issued on the failure to appear. What a crock. I guess we are the idiots for hoping there would be any chance of him paying for what he has done.