“We searched for the NAKED truth, got down to the BARE facts, and she kind of caught us with our PANTS down.” 

I swear to God above, this is an actual quote from the published apology that appeared on the news and in the paper, referring to the Kyla Ebbert incident on Southwest Airlines a few weeks ago. (Refer to my previous blog)

 Ms. Ebbert was appearing on the Dr. Phil Show, and Southwest sent the so called apology to be read on the air, along with an offer of two free tickets to travel on the airline.

Along with the above comment, Southwest CEO Gray Kelly said, ” So we’re apologizing, and we’re going to move on and hope we keep her as a good and valuable customer.”

By making lame jokes in a public apology? I find this so called apology as ridiculous as the policy that apparently exists only in the minds of certain Southwest employees. ( To the person who commented on my previous blog – I searched high and low and was unable to find any reference to a passenger having complained to anyone about how Ms. Ebbert was attired that day. In fact she had not even gotten on the airplane when she was accosted by the employee.)

Southwest President Colleen Barrett,issued a message to employees after the July 2 incident, saying that Southwest doesn’t have a dress code although it’s “contract of carriage” bars “lewd, obscene, or patently offensive” clothing.

Unless Southwest is planning on flying it’s planes into Saudi Arabia,  or Iran, or name a Muslim majority destination of your choice, I doubt if too many people are really going to object to how this lady was dressed. (Refer to the pictures in my previous blog.)