Sorry I have not gotten up here and blogged lately other than to cover the airline stories and other idiocies! To be perfectly honest, I have been a bit busy with school. 

Until recently, I was taking two classes in my quest for a degree in Animation. One is a class in Networks, the other was an Intermediate Algebra class. The first couple of weeks was okay because we were covering basics. However, soon we got into stuff that left me way behind. After struggling for a couple of weeks, I finally had to admit to myself, and then to my instructor, and my academic adviser that I was in over my head. I kept trying to tough it out, but found out that was not working.

My adviser, my instructor and I came up with a solution. I am going to leave this class, and next quarter take a Fundamentals in Algebra ( A beginners course)  This will apparently take care of my math requirements.

What have I learned here? Ask for help when I know I need it. I have a problem with being too proud to admit I am having problems. Fortunately, I told Sue what was going on, and she encouraged me to go to my instructor and my adviser. I am lucky to have someone like Sue to help me and to give me the encourage me to get help when I need it.