Sue and I are getting close to the end of our first quarter of school, since our return. Sue is pulling two A+’s and I have a B+ in my remaining class. I would have had an A, but there was a glitch on sending up one of my unit projects.  All I can say is that after that goof, I have been a lot more careful in sending up the projects.

All in all, I have to say that I am very pleased with this school compared to the other school we went to a couple of years ago. Capella University did not give us the level of personal service that we are getting from Kaplan. What’s funny though is that we had initially planned on going to Kaplan in the first place a couple of years ago. That fell through though and we ended up in Capella. 

Sue had a major problem with one of the instructors there, whom I had a class with previously. We were in the process of moving, and she had to build a web page. She still had 3 or 4 days left to finish the work, when after she had told him that we would be without our Internet connection for a few days. We got back up and running to find he had taken down the work she had done already, and wanted her to do the whole thing over from scratch. Including the work that her collages had done. (it was supposed to be a group project) She put the project up, having cut and pasted some of the work that was already done ( she had 2 days to get this done, ) and the instructor called in plagiarism, and flunked her. After appealing the grade, which was denied, we both decided this school was not working for us.

So now we are at Kaplan.  Things are going much better here. I had the problem with my algebra class a few weeks ago, and they took care of it immediately. So, suffice it to say that with our first quarter here at Kaplan drawing to a close, we are fairly happy.