I logged into the school account at Kaplan University a couple of days ago, lo and behold, the Algebra Class has shown up. I still have not heard from any one from the school telling me if this is the correct class, but I guess I will find out on Wednesday. I have not received a new book at this stage, but I did a little research over the weekend, and it appears they do have a pre-algebra class there, and for some reason they have not placed me in it. I cannot understand why one Academic Adviser tells me that there is a Fundamentals class ( read beginners) and the other one tells me there isn’t.I guess I will log in to this class Wednesday, which is the first day of classes in the new quarter, and find out the nature of this class. If it is the same class, I have a couple of options. One I can attempt to take this class again, and hope I can figure out what I had no clue about the first time through, or I can drop the class within the first week, and tell them to figure out a way to get me into a different math class sometime down the road.All I want to do here is get my degree in animation, not go through this rigmarole.I will let you know what happens in this continuing saga.