Okay, you’re all probably tired of hearing about this by now, but I got things straightened out at Kaplan University.  I finally got tired of not getting anything resolved with the Algebra class, so I called to speak with an academic adviser. I asked to speak with anyone but the guy that got sarcastic, and condescending and hung up on me.

I told the lady that answered that I needed to drop the algebra class. She took care of it, and determined that as I am a financial aid student, I must take two classes per quarter. No problem, I told her to put me in whatever was next on the hit parade.It turns out that I needed to take a  class called Introduction to IT I. (Information Technology)

The wild part of this one is that Sue is taking Intro to IT II, and we have the same book!So now I have my classes straightened out for this quarter. Finally.More news when it becomes less available!