Sorry, I just couldn’t resist! Actually I probably could have, but I chose not to. At any rate let me take this opportunity to wish everyone who reads this blog  ( both of you!)  a Happy Thanksgiving.

That said, let me see what I can tell you about what we are doing today. Sandy has already talked to her mother in Phoenix, I am going to be calling Mom & Dad after bit. We are getting ready to get our Turkey Dinner started. We are cooking a turkey with Sausage stuffing, and mashed potatoes, green beans ( maybe green bean casserole, I’m not sure – we have the green beans, and the Mushroom soup, but not the onions that you’re supposed to use) I might just mix the soup into the beans. Biscuits, and gravy. Later we have Pumpkin Pie, Pecan Pie, and the fixings., We also have the usual Cranberry sauce stuff. Mmm mmmm mmm!

 At any rate this is going to be short. Sue already updated you as to what happened with the car, I plan on going out tomorrow to get a battery for her, and hope that that is the problem. I am reasonably certain that’s what it is. I am going to see if I can get a jump start, and go to Auto Zone or some place like that and have them install a new battery. Otherwise I will have to get somebody to take me over to get a battery and install it myself.

I will let you know what happens then. Until then, have a great Thanksgiving.