Hey there, Hi there, Ho there! I have some good news for you. Remember the car problem I mentioned the other day ( Or if I didn’t mention it, I think Sue did) At any rate, we picked up a battery for the car, and naturally it was raining so we couldn’t put it in.

The next day was Sunday. I wandered out, and raised the hood. My next door neighbor Chrs walked over and asked what was up. I told him I was changing out the battery. He said “Hang on I’ll go get my tools.” He was nice enough to install the battery for me, which was a good thing, as the way this car has the battery situated was a pain in the ass.

This guy has helped us out  several times. He’s a plumber, and put in a faucet in our kitchen sink, and snaked our soil pipe for our toilet for us when we were having some problems a month or so ago, all free.  I gave him twenty bucksand got him to take it this time, telling him that it would have cost us a hell of a lot more.   It is nice to have neighbors that are cool like that. Thank God he isn’t anything like the pervert across the street! At any rate, the car is now running again, thank God, and the only thing it cost was a new battery, and one cable end.

I just picked up Sandy from Teen Court.  This is pretty much what it sounds like. When kids get into trouble they can opt for being heard by a jury of their peers. This is done ever two weeks after school, at the courthouse here in The Colony. Sandy is in ROTC, and by going there she gets Community Service Points for ROTC (The ROTC Cadets have to have a certain number of points throughout the year – they get them by working as security for football games, car washes and things like this) She got to be on the jury this time. The case she heard involved a kid who streaked one of the away football games, supposedly for team spirit. They gave him Community Service Hours to perform. (Different then the ROTC type ) I think it is good for kids to get an idea how court works. I just hope Sandy never has to be on the defendant end!

I hope both of my readers have a great week!