Sue mentioned in her blog the other day that we would likely have to have our youngest cat, Mac put to sleep because we couldn’t afford to pay for surgery to remove a possible blockage in his intestines. We had taken him to the vets on Wednesday afternoon, and after waiting and waiting and waiting, the vet finally came in, and did an exam, and decided to try giving him a bolus of fluid subcutaneously. He explained that this would likely be just a temporary fix, to help re-hydrate Mac. The vet thought that Mac had a blockage as we had suspected.

Initially, he told us that for surgery we would have to come up with half down, and write a check for the other half for the clinic to hold. Unfortunately we were not able to do that. So we went ahead with the bolus, figuring that if it didn’t work we would have to put him down. We took him home, and yesterday he seemed to be feeling a little bit better. We kept him separated from the other cats, and in the morning when I went to check on him, he actually purred.

We talked to the vet again, and he said to try to feed him a little bit to see if he was able to keep it down. He told us that if he got sick again that he would do the surgery , and that he would work out something with us for the payment. The vet did not really want to have to euthanize a cat that was only a year and a half old any more than we did. Mac seemed to be keeping the food down for a while. The vet called about 3 or 4 hours later to check on him, and while we were on the phone, Mac got sick.

The vet told us to bring him right over, and he would hook him up for an I.V. and then probably do the surgery in the morning.The vet just called me a few minutes ago, and said that Mac’s blood-work had come back, and he was okay, and he was getting ready to take him into surgery. He will call us when he is finished.Our original assessment of the vet and the clinic were not too high, but since the doctor had changed his tune, we have obviously changed our opinion. A cat should not have to die just because you don’t have a lot of money. Maybe the vet heard something in our voices the night before, and figured that we didn’t want to lose our kitty!

I will post here later to update you on Mac. Keep fingers toes, and anything else you can think of crossed.