We got a call from the vet this afternoon, that Mac had handled the surgery just fine, and that we could come to see him this evening. He told me that our suspicions were correct. Mac had gotten hold of the blue washcloth we thought he had, plus the vet reported a small yellow plastic ribbon like thing in there as well. Sue and I though about it and decided it sounded like the ring pull off of a gallon of milk..

I went to see Mac this evening. Sue wasn’t able to, as she is still fighting bronchitis. I got there, and he has an IV going, an is wearing an Elizabethan Collar. He kind of grumbled at me. He doesn’t really seem to glad to see me, and I can understand that.  The vet is going to keep him over the weekend.

We will probably go see him tomorrow afternoon to see how he is doing. At any rate, it is good to know that he is going to be okay. I implore any cat owners, actually any pet owners, be very careful around your house. Look for things your pet might chew on and swallow. Sue and I wouldn’t want to see anyone else have to go through what we are going through with Mac.

The upshot is however that Thank God, Mac is on the mend.