We picked Mac up on Monday and brought him home. He seems to be doing pretty well, and the first night we kept him isolated from Shadow & Jenny, Just in case. The vet sent us home with some soft food, and antibiotics.

We are feeding him several smaller meals a day rather then the usual 2 meals a day, which is what we usually feed all our cats. He is eating very well, and seems a lot like his old self.We thought for sure he would be walking real gingerly, and a bit put out with us for having taken him to “that place!”, but he was so glad to see us.

He has an Elizabethan Collar, to prevent him from licking the wound, and it is funny to watch him try to groom himself after he eats. He ends up licking the inside of the collar!

His incision is about 3 inches long, and has 7 staples holding it closed. We take him back in to see the vet on Monday to get those removed. So far he is able to get up on beds, and even the counter. Yesterday we decided that he didn’t need to be kept apart from the other cats, so now he has full roaming privileges once again.

All I can think is that he has no idea how close he came to losing all 9 lives at one shot. This has made us a hell of a lot more vigilant about what the cats might find and eat.