Yes I know that most everyone is aware of what time of year it is. The day after tomorrow is Christmas. For many this is a time of joy and hope. A time of gathering the family together, a time of giving and receiving. For a lot of people especially those under 16, probably more a time of receiving.

However for some this is not a joyous time of year. For many people Christmas time brings unpleasant memories for one reason or another. The idea of a Merry Christmas makes a lot of people cringe. Does this make them Scrooges? No, it makes them perhaps spiritually wounded.

For this reason our church, Covenant Presbyterian Church in Carrollton, Texas held a Longest Night Celebration this past Friday evening. Held on the longest night of the year, (December 21st 2007) the idea behind this service is to reach out to those for whom Christmas is not especially wonderful. The service is one of healing in some way. It included prayer, songs, meditation and The Lord’s Supper.Due to the reasons Sue talks about in her blog, in part her kids not being here this year, and for other reasons Sue felt the need to go to this service. Afterwords she told me that she did feel a healing of sorts. She was able to grasp that although she did not have her entire family here for Christmas, that she could be grateful for what she does have. And isn’t that what Christmas should be about?

As you all know I am not one to be politically correct, in fact I go out of my way to avoid political correctness as my little way of protesting the world as it is these days. With that thought I wish you a Merry Christmas. and a Happy New Year. If that offends anyone, I do not apologize. Peace on Earth and Goodwill toward Mankind.