We have survived another Christmas. Actually it wasn’t that bad. Sue was naturally sad not to have the girls here, but Brian has shot himself in the foot in that respect.

Apart from that, Sandy made out like a bandit. We were able to get a bunch of stuff for her at C.C.A. (Christian Community in Action) So she was as happy as a clam. (Just for the record, what do we know of the emotional balance of a mollusk in the first place?)

Sue and I are both getting over nasty colds. Sue was a lot worse than I was. My main problem was that I couldn’t breathe, mostly at night. I took some generic Alka-seltzer Plus for a couple of days, and pretty much kicked it. Sue had been to see her doctor a couple of weeks before, and gotten on some antibiotics, and was feeling a little better, but still had a cough. She was taking over the counter cough medicines, and finally she decided to try to Alka-seltzer plus. She is now coughing a bit less, and got a bit of sleep. So maybe she is finally kicking the cold too.

We are both still doing pretty well in our college classes. Sue has had some issues with her operating systems class, but after some misunderstandings I was able to give her a helping hand. Sandy has managed to keep her grades good this year too. We have hopes that she will maintain A’s and B’s all year. She screwed up by doing well and now she has no choice but to keep it up.

In another 5 days it will be 2008. I would be looking forward to this new year if it were not an election year. So even though we have been subjected to the candidates for the last 2 years, now they will be really gearing up for the real run for the White House. I hate election years. I get so tired of hearing the bullshit promises, and mud slinging… Oh well, if we are lucky, maybe it will be over in early November.

On a positive note, we will have the Summer Olympics from Beijing, China for the first time. Sue and I always look forward to the Gymnastics Competitions, Swimming, Equestrian, and Track and Field events.

Then of course in December, I am looking forward to my 50th Birthday. Half a century. Unlike some people, I am actually anxious to be able to say I am 5o. I plan on having a party for this one. Most birthdays don’t really mean much to me, but this one does. What can I say.

Well that’s all for now. As my old friend Claude LeMorte says:

More news when it becomes less available!