Well here it is. 2007 is nearly over. I have made several rants this year, some of them didn’t even involve Shrub!

This one is about illegal immigrants. Again!

The Dallas Morning News has chosen as it’s Texan of the Year: The Illegal Immigrant.


Why in the hell would a newspaper from a large metropolitan city name the Illegal immigrant as Texan of the Year? I guess they think that the illegals have become such a pervasive influence on the state of Texas, that they deserve this “honor”.  Frankly I don’t! It pisses me off that  people who think it’s okay to cross the border, take our jobs, and our services, not pay taxes, demand we speak their language, and poop out baby after baby think the rest of us should just ignore the fact that they came here illegally. Remember that saying: “What part of illegal don’t they get!”

Yes I know what all the supporters of these folks say. Most of us came here from Europe and are immigrants also. Why should those from Latino nations be treated any different? Why? Here’s why.

First of all it is true that many of our ancestors came from Europe and settled here taking the land away from the Native People who already were living here. Yes we brutally massacred the natives, and slaughtered the buffalo etc. etc. etc. While our forebears were not exactly politically correct in the way they dealt with those who were already here, there were no laws preventing immigration, there were no formally declared countries ( Although I have no doubt that many Native Americans in retrospect now wish to hell there had been!) The simple truth is that none of our ancestors were breaking any existing immigration laws. The people who are pouring across our southern borders  on a daily basis are!

The facts are simple. There are legal means to visit the US, to come here to work, and to move here on a permanent basis. Yes I am fully aware that these procedures are lengthy, cumbersome, and expensive. Paying a coyote thousands of dollars to smuggle you across the border ain’t cheap either!

They come here because there are businesses that will hire these folks at a cut rate. Maybe if we stopped providing work for them, maybe they would stop coming.

Many of our ancestors came here through Ellis Island. They came here legally, learned the language, didn’t expect the people that hired them, taught their children, and provided them housing to speak, Italian, German, Russian, Polish, and yes Spanish. They damn well learned  English, and taught it to their children.

Another problem is that Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, you name the country are not doing anything to better their own countries to make them attractive enough to their citizens to stay home. Why? Because their citizens come here,work tax free,  and send a butt load of US dollars back to those countries. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than getting aid from the US Government.

We need to tax the shit out of any money sent from here out of the country. Make it more expensive to send it out. Prosecute the crap out of any US company that hires immigrants under the table, send thier butts to jail, consistantly. They will start going out of their way to hire out of work Americans instead of the illegals. And to these out of work Americans that are crying that there are no jobs, get off your dead asses and take the jobs in the Meat Packing plants, the landscape companies, the fruit and vegetable picking. Give a damn again. Either that or you lose your bragging rights that “Some damn Mexican took my freakin’ job away from me!”  Grow a set and get a job.  This is my answer to this problem.

The morons who run this country haven’t figured this out yet, (Except a few people in some towns like Irving and Farmers Branch, who have made an attempt to deal with the problem) The morons scrambling  to convince us to put them in the White House have yet to figure out a solution.

That’s the way I see it and if that makes me a racist, then screw it. I’m a racist.