Yeah, I realize New Years Day was nearly a week ago. Forgive me, I have been just a wee bit busy since then.I am still going to school online. Maintaining an “A” in both of my classes this quarter. I can’t complain about that! Sue is also getting “A’s” in both of her classes as well. Sandy is getting 3 “B’s” and an “A” which is a great improvement since last year. She made the Dean’s list at school this past sememster, and we have hopes of a repeat! We couldn’t be prouder!

Our youngest kitty, Mac is recovering nicely from his near death experience late last year. He still has a poodle cut look on one of his front paws where they had to shave it to place an I.V, but apart from being down one life he is apparently none the worse for the wear! Hopefully a bit more cautious, but I doubt it.

We got word last week that Ross Moore has decided to go to trial for molesting our youngest daughter last year. The D.A, had started with 10 years, and then his attorney had countered with 5, which when we were asked by the D.A we said we could live with, then for some reason Moore decided to risk a jury trial. Which is rather foolish, as the D.A. can now use his conviction in California against him. Oh well, if he would rather risk 20 years, more fool him.

Well that is the latest that I have for the moment. As my old friend Claude Lamorte would say:, “More news when it becomes less available!”