This being an election year, I suppose I should consider commenting on the current field. Who do I think will get elected, and whom do I want to get elected and all of that bullshit.

First of all lets take a look at who we have in the running.

The Republicrud Party has Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson running. Giuliani, was the mayor of New York City. His major problems: Many marriages, divorces, and the morals of Bill Clinton. Huckabee, Governor of Arkansas, troubled state, low ranking on just about every list what the hell experience has he got? John McCain? Major War Hawk. I have trouble understanding that since he was shot down in Nam, and spent a few years as the guest of the Viet Cong at the Hanoi Hilton! Romney? Would be the first Mormon ever elected, but he downplays that aspect of his life. Had a questionable tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. Fred Thompson? Well let’s see he was the former Senator from Tennessee, and the District Attorney of Manhattan… oh, wait a minit. That was on television. Yeah that’s right he’s an actor. Didn’t was already have a Republicrud Actor as pres?

Okay now let’s take a look at the Democraps..

There’s Hillary Rodham Clinton, to many the front runner. At least till Iowa, however she won New Hampshire so maybe she’s out in front again. It’s a good thing she is over 60though, could you imagine a woman president with PMS. “Don’t tell me not to push the &*@#ing button Dammit!!!!!!!” It could be interesting to have a woman president. Let’s face it can she make this country any worse than the men have?  Then of course there’s the first realistic Black candidate, Oprah Winfrey..sorry, I mean Barak Obama. If he wins do you suppose Oprah will let him have a cabinet post? Frankly ( And I truly do not wish any harm to to the man.. he has many good ideas) I will be surprised if the White Supremacists let him live till the election. Of course there is John Edwards. We have a friend who actually said she would vote for him because he’s so damn good looking… Great reason to vote for a candidate. He was an also ran in 04, and will probably be the same in o8. Al Gore.. I know he isn’t running and this probably makes a lot of oil people happy., He would likely turn the White House Green!

Personally I would like to see Hillary Clinton win the election. I honestly feel it is time the United States joins the rest of the Western world. The UK had Thatcher, Germany has Merkel, India had Gandhi, Pakistan had Bhutto. Why could the US not elect a woman. She has more experience when you consider that even though she may not have been included in cabinet meetings and National Security meetings, you cannot convince me that when she wasn’t reaming Bil for his peccadilloes, she was learning from him.

Who do I think will win?  I believe it will be a tossup between Hillary and Obama, for the Democrap nomination. The republicans could run Mother Theresa and not win thanks to 8 years of Shrub.

That’s my opinion, and I am sticking to it.