Sue and I are coming down to the wire on another semester of our College careers. She is in fact on her last seminar as I write this. I had mine last night. We are both maintaining A’s in both of our classes this time. I did not have a repeat with the problem I had with the Algebra class last semester. (I will however, have to repeat that class at some point. It’s on my degree plan. When I get to that point I will have to get help from the tutors available to me at Kaplan.)

My classes this semester were: Effective Writing for the IT Major , and Introduction to Information Technology I. Both classes were pretty much an easy A for me. After flunking the Algebra class last time, I needed this to bring up my GPA.

I enjoyed both classes,  even the Intro to IT, which was pretty much a review for me. I did learn a few things that I wasn’t aware of. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Next semester (which begins January 30th)  I have Intro to IT II, and College Composition II. Pretty much a repeat of last semester! Oh well, another couple of easy A’s I hope!

I know Sue has the Network class I had the first semester and I think her other class is going to be Intro to Web Design or something like that.  Like I said before, she is getting A’s in both of her classes this semester.

Sandy is getting B’s in her classes this sememster, has dropped a bit from the 2 A’s and 2 B’s she had before, but she says she is going to work her way back to the A’s. We know she can do it.

That’s the latest on the education front here in North Texas!