Farmers Branch, Texas is back at it again. In a move that is likely to cause more protests and loud grumbling, the Farmers Branch City Council unanimously passed Ordinance 2952, which would require all renters to pay a $5.00 fee, and claim US. Citizenship, or legal immigration status to obtain an occupancy license from the city. This includes houses as well as apartments this time. In this Ordinance the city will verify the applicants status, not the landlords. Anyone in violation, tenants or landlords could face fines of $500.00 a day.

All I can say is; “About freaking time!” The problem is that this one will be shot down too. A year ago FB city council passed Ordinance 2903, which was similar with the major exception being that landlords were required to verify if the people they were renting to had a legal right to be here.

When the Latino population of Farmers Branch protested that it was racist, they were able to get a judge to grant an injunction. So they supporters of the ordinance took it to the voters last May. The voters overwhelmingly by a two thirds majority approved the ordinance. Again, they got a judge to grant an injucntion while a lawsuit rages to determine the constitutionality of the law. It just goes to show that voting for something really doesn’t mean anything these days.

Here is my question about this mess. Please explain to me how a group of people who are not in this country legally have any constitutional rights in the first place? I just don’t get it.

The other thing that I don’t get is how is asking people to prove they are US Citizens or that they are here legally racist? Nowhere in either Ordinance 2903, or 2952 does it say that if you are Latino you cannot rent in Farmers Branch. It says Illegal Immigrants. Just because you are an illegal immigrant doesn’t always follow that one is Latino.True the majority of the illegals are here from Latin speaking countries, but we also have illegals here from Western and Eastern European countries, from Africa, and from Asian countries. Remember the Boat People?

However the protests always seem to be led by Latinos (some legal, some not) who are saying that their constitutional rights are being violated by our either passing regulations designed to stop illegal immigrants from living here, or by enforcing laws that are already on the books.

I have to figure that this is a case of “Methinks they doth protest too much!” Put another way, “Got a guilty conscience?”