In case you are not familiar with the concept of the Darwin Awards, let me enlighten you. The Darwin Awards are given (posthumously) to the person who removes him or herself from the gene pool,  usually in a spectacular if not idiotic way. For example someone who dies by rocking a candy machine over onto himself in order to shake loose a $.55 cent bag of chips. Or an idiot who dies while fishing with dynamite.

This one may not be the winner in a national contest of morons, but I suspect it would at the very least get honorable mention.

Dallas Texas, Saturday, January 26, 2008. Andreous Robinson, while drinking with a group of friends decided to go outside and shoot off a few rounds of ammunition to impress said friends. Tiring of that,and thinking he was out of ammunition, he came back inside. He apparently wanted to show his friends that he was out of bullets.  This attempt was made by placing the barrel of the weapon to his head. He pulled the trigger and discovered to his dismay that he was not, in fact, out of bullets.

Police were unable to ascertain if said friends were suitably impressed.

This followed on the heels of a similar story. Less than a day before a man was fatally shot in a motel in Oak Cliff. In this incident four men were drinking Vodka, and smoking crack cocaine. One of the men was accidentally shot to death.

Police failed to be impressed by either incident.