I just watched the Super Bowl. The match-up between The New England Patriots and The New York Giants.YAWN!

Yeah that’s right. I said YAWN. This was one of the most boring Super Bowls I have seen in recent years.The Pats went undefeated all season, and in the playoffs for crying out loud! The Giants had a 10 & 6 record. What happened to those teams? Brady couldn’t complete a pass to save his life, and in fact was unable to stay on his feet, and Manning was unable to move his team for much of the game.

All I can say is neither of them showed up today. The Giants drew blood in the first quarter with a field goal, then the Pats returned the favor by getting a touchdown. Then…Nothing. For three more quarters we sat through neither team doing anything. Then the Giants get a TD in the fourth quarter, which made Tom Brady decide to wake up and actually start connecting with some passes. , New England came out of their Super Slump and made a fairly impressive run down the field ending in a touchdown with 2:42 left in the game.Then in the last two minutes Eli Manning decided he better get his team to do something and they got a touchdown with 35 seconds left to play.

That ended the quest for New England to have the 2nd perfect season in NFL history, not to mention the first 19 & 0 season.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the commercials that I usually only show up to watch mostly sucked. There were a couple of cute ones, but they were nearly as boring as the game this year!