Okay Super Duper pooper dooper Tuesday has come and gone. The only thing definite is that John McCain will be running against Hilary Obama. or Barack Clinton. Take your pick. Sometimes I think they are interchangeable.

Actually both Obama, and Clinton have hit Texas like a tornado, flooding the television airwaves with their campaign ads like locusts.  They are both pretty much saying the same thing. Hillary bitches that Obama doesn’t have any experience, and Obama bitches that Hillary changed her mind about supporting Shrub’s war in Iran. (Oops, I meant Iraq… Although he will probably get us into a war with Iran before 1/20/2009!)

Both have released details about their plans for Health Care reform. Hillary wants to make it mandatory that all Americans have health care, even to the point of forcing employers to offer it to all employees, and garnisheeing wages if they don’t.

Obama, doesn’t want to force anyone except parents to get it for their children. I guess he figures adults have the right to not have health care coverage without threatening their pay checks.

The idea of having health care made mandatory and having wages garnisheed really bothers me. Let me say this a little more plainly. I was pretty damn sure a few days ago that I was going to vote for Hillary, now I am beginning to lean more towards Obama.

To be sure this is one issue, but this is a big one. It has made me think about her attempt to push through a health care reform package as First Lady in the early 90’s. That failed miserably. In January of 1993, President Bill Clinton appointed Hillary to be the head of “The President’s Task Force on National Health Reform.” Ira Magaziner was named the head of Day today operations of the task force.  Many of, if not most of the meetings of this task force were held in secret behind closed doors. Health Insurance Association of America (HIAA) publicly supported the Clinton Health reform plan, while working behind the scenes to sway public support away from the plan. In May of 1993, the task force was disbanded.

While the HIAA worked to make sure Clinton’s health care reforms did not go through, I have this feeling we have walked this road with Hillary before. This idea of forcing people to get health insurance just makes me uncomfortable. Why not instead just make universal health care available for everyone, instead of making them buy insurance. Why should we make the insurance industry more richer than they already are?

I think a Universal Health Care System is called for, rather than propping up the insurance industry. These companies make far too much money as it is, just like the drug companies.

At least Barack Obama doesn’t claim to want to force everyone to buy insurance. I will be watching the campaigns to see if anything else pushes me out of Hillary’s camp into Obama’s. Either that or I may just write in a vote for Bozo the Clown.