For the three or four people that read this blog, let me say that my previous post, “Election Crap” may have been a bit premature. I said that Hillary Clinton’s position on Health Care Reform and the idea of garnisheeing wages to force people to buy insurance was causing me to lean toward the Obama camp.I have done a bit of rethinking on that. As the person who commented on the previous entry said, (and I am paraphrasing here) this is too important of an election to let one issue decide ones vote. With that, I agree. First, if Hillary is elected, and pushes for this health care reform she has thrown out there; Congress is not likely to pass the thing especially with the issue of forcing people to become insured. I have no doubt that there will be much debate about the subject, and many changes will be made before any legislation is passed.

I have also been perusing the Obama website. ( Senator Obama has some wonderful ideas, he is an eloquent speaker, and has a lot to say, and says it quite well. Unfortunately, he has absolutely no substance to what he says. He has these grandiose plans, and ideas, but doesn’t tell us how he intends to get there from here. If he has the answers, why not give us a peek under the hood, so to speak. (Please no comments about the use of the word “hood” in connection with Senator Obama, I am referring to the hood of a car, not the “‘hood” as in slang for neighborhood!)

Obama is absolutely correct. We need to make some very serious changes in the way this country runs. He just doesn’t seem to have the way to do it. If he does, why does he not tell us now? Hillary Clinton does. Go take a look at her website,( She has some rather detailed, specific ideas on how she plans to go about getting her ideas accomplished.

So at this point, I will go out on a limb, and state categorically, that I am supporting Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. Yes, I am well aware that if she doesn’t win the Ohio and Texas Primaries, she may be out of the running, but I hope she doesn’t give up the fight until the Convention. I have seen people end up nominated even though the primaries would seem to indicate that they don’t have the delegates to win. We have these so called “Superdelagates” that could vote either way. Also, I have seen supposedly committed delegates change their minds and vote the other way. So anything can happen.

However, if Hillary is not nominated, I will probably vote for Obama in the National Election. I respect the hell out of John McCain, for his service to this country during his seven hellish years as a POW during the Viet Nam War. However, I will not elect a man who has stated that he thinks we should stay in Iraq for another “hundred years”.

I realize there are many people out there who do not agree with me, and I will defend to the death your right to disagree with me. I hope we are able to keep these freedoms, although the way things are going Bush seems determined to take all of our freedoms away, in the name of fighting terrorism. Who is worse, the terrorists, or the President who claims to be protecting us from them.