(written Monday, March 3, 2008)

My wife Sue and I were just getting up from taking a short nap this afternoon, when there came a knock on the door. I opened it and there were two uniformed police officers and a plainclothes detective from the Colony PD. The first thing that went through my mind was that the schmuck across the street, or Sue’s ex dipshit had made some fake accusation against me, and I was going to be arrested. I was trying to run through my mind how I was gonna come up with bail


“Are you Mike Bacon?’ one of the officers asked. “Yes, I am.” I replied.

“Could we come in a talk to you for a few minutes?” he continued?

“Sure.” I said, thinking “What choice have I got!”

They came in and then the next question they asked me started a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

“Do you know the names Harry and Marian Bacon?”

“Yes those are my parents.” I sat down on the couch. “ Just tell me please, are my parents dead?” One of the cops looked down for a moment, and then met my gaze.

“Yes sir, I’m very sorry to tell you they are deceased.”

The then proceeded to tell me that my parents had been in a car accident that morning, and they had been killed. They only know that Mom had been driving, and had gone left of center, and hit an oncoming car.

I have to say that they were very compassionate, and caring. They gave me the contact information for the Ohio State Patrol Officer who had been at the scene, and offered to bring over a Police Chaplain if I needed one. I thanked them and let them know that I would be calling my pastor from my church. The left me a card, and let us know that if there was anything they could do to let them know.

So now I am taking it all in, trying to figure out where to go. Well. It now falls to me to contact both of my sisters. My oldest sister, D, is the executrix of Mom and Dad’s estate. All I know is that they wanted to be cremated. I called the cop, get the details, and found that the car Mom and Dad hit, had a couple and an infant, the infant had to life flighted to the hospital.


We were not to get any more news about this family. We are praying for them.

Now comes the aftermath. I go into “deal with it mode” I started making attempts to contact my two sisters. Patti lives in Arizona, and so does D. I have a work number for Patti. I called it and got her voice mail. I didn’t want to tell her via voice mail that our Mom and Dad are dead. I left a message asking her to call me that it was urgent. Sue called our Pastor, Terry to come.

Mom and Dad’s next door neighbor, Butch called me, apparently the Ohio Cops went there trying to find contact information. I guess he was the one who gave the police my information, or at least my name to track me down. After some back and forth attempts, he was able to find another neighbor that had a key to Mom and Dad’s house, and was able to get in and get me D’s cell phone number.

By this time though I had a brilliant idea on contacting Patti. I had left a second message, and still had not heard back from her. So I called the main number of the hospital she worked at, and told them I was attempting to locate a staff member with a family emergency. They got her on the phone, and I had to tell her about Mom and Dad.

She went to pieces over the phone. I told her I felt so bad that I had to be the one to tell her, but in one sense it was better to hear it from me, than form the cops, the way I found out.

Finally I got in touch with D. I told her, and when I got her on the phone I asked her if she was sitting down, and she told me she wasn’t I told her she had better.

She asked me if it was Dad. Dad had been in declining health of late, having had a heart attack a couple of years ago, and was in the hospital last November with low blood sugar. We finally determined he has Diabetes Type 2. He had not been eating properly.

Of late he was starting to come around. Mom had taken him for a shopping trip a couple of weeks ago. He was staying up, and doing physical therapy, and seeming gaining strength.

I last talked to Mom on Saturday, February 23rd. I had tol her I was going to try to talk to her at least once a week, and keep in better touch. I meant to call her on Saturday the 1st of March, and it slipped my mind. I was going to call her on Monday, but that was the day they died.

Sue doesn’t want me to beat myself up over that but it is hard. I am kicking myself that I didn’t take a few minutes out of my day to talk to my mother and father. Now I never will be able to. Sue and Sandy never got to meet them in person, but I know Mom and Dad loved them, and vice versa. I have to hold that in my heart.

I know that somehow Mom is up there watching over me, and so is Dad. I have to cling to that. Make sure you keep in contact with your loved ones. You never know when they won’t be here anymore. Keep the lines of communication open.